Her She-Penis

Recently I began researching and analyzing the lifestyle and actions if my dear Bethany. She is what I characterize as a bi-sexual womanizer,but she says she’s just a woman who women happen to enjoy sleeping with. I’ve asked her in several occasions how she ends up with mostly married women who proclaim they’re straight and she explained to me that they are mesmerized by her “She-Penis.” Her She-Penis is described as the methods she use to get women into bed. In our conversation she admits that it’s not always about sex,but more of the challenge in obtaining what’s suppose to be off limits. Bethany says that there are some women who just want her company There are also some who love to cuddle then those who just want to be kissed.”These things are missing in marriages nowadays so why not have someone you can trust to give you what you want with no strings attached” she says. I guess my question would be what if one of these women starts to develop feelings for you, what do you do then? Bethany then explains that this is normal, but communication is always the best way to deal with that. “I won’t be like others and run away, I will actually try to revert those feelings to a place that helps her learn to ask for what she’s getting from me from her husband.” The She-Penis is extremely popular in her world and it seems to keep ladies coming back for more. Stay tuned for the book,” The Unsuspected Lover” which chronicles the life of this young woman.

The Unsuspected Lover Part 1.3

I was a bit saddened that my surprise had no gone the way I wanted it to,but I figured why not make it a late night treat. I left the flowers at the office and I headed out to meet mark for lunch. I approached the stop light and looked across the street and there I saw this tall, slender, brunette that looked alot like my Rebecca standing arm in arm with some rather handsome young man waiting to be seated at the bistro nepal. I felt sick to my stomach,but I immediately walked over to investigate. I walked up to the table slowly and the gentlemen stood as if he were expecting me,” You’re Paul, this is Paul right?” Rebecca looked up smiling,” yes this is my husband Paul and what is Paul doing on this side of town?” I was a little shocked,” well I was just at your office,but what are you up to?” By this time a beautiful mocha skinned cutie walks over and kisses the young man greeting him as ,”hey baby!” I played it off feeling so stupid at this point, I kissed my
wife and directed my attention to catching a cab. I knew Rebecca wasn’t stupid and I had to definitely make up for my childish lunch crash. With the help of my best buddy I pulled out every stop to make sure I enjoyed a romantic night with becca. The hot bath was drawn, candles lit, strawberries and champagne, oils and Jill Scott…her favorite. I greeted her at the garage door and took her bags. She walked into her palace and guided my beauty through the house into our bedroom where she was instructed to undress and get into the tub. The look on her face was priceless and she with so much excitement did as I asked her to do. I gave her that moment alone and when she finished I dried her and proceeded to massage my wife from head to toe and before I knew it…she was asleep. I could do nothing but help her into her pj’s and tuck her into bed EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.

The Unsuspected Lover Part 1.2

The night ended as it usually did with conversation of the days events,but my mind was still back at the previous statement made by my wife. Unable to close the evening without one last question I turn slowly,”Rebecca who’s Chris?” I had to ask! Pulling her glasses down from her face and blushing somewhat…why honey, are you jealous? I wanted to get angry,but my gut told me to relax it was nothing. As she went on to explain that Chris was her new boss and was just wanting a work horse to ride so we could get this merger complete. I let the conversation rest for the night and rested in comfort believing what my wife had told me.

The following morning I was up early getting dressed for work when I saw that Rebecca’s phone was flashing so I decided to investigate. There it was, a text from Chris that read,” I appreciate your staying late last night! Your hard work will not go unnoticed,C!” I felt so silly allowing my mind to play tricks on me. Today was a busy day for me, my first stop was going by to see my therapist and bestfriend, mark. I kissed my wife goodbye and headed out for the day. The shitty ride to the city was underway and the entire ride I was pre-occupied thinking of how I could fix my own insecurities about my marriage. The walk to marks office seemed so long, I just couldn’t understand why I had become this man. I’m secure in my job, I know my marriage is good and I know I puts it down in bed. I guess I’m just going crazy because I screwed up once. Well I finally arrived at mark’s office and I could here my name as I was approaching the door. “Paul, what’s up guy! How are you?” Immediately my eyes shifted and he caught it. “Paul,
man what’s wrong with you?” Nothing I reassured him, I just thought Rebecca was cheating,but it’s fine she’s not.(Mark looking at me in shock)”Dude, Rebecca is the sweetest woman I know and would never do anything like that, now your ass…um yea ALL DAY DOG!!! Yea man I found she’s been working in this big company merger with her new boss. It’s all good man,I’m going to work. See you for lunch, same spot on 49th!

I worked through most of the morning and decided I would go surprise Rebecca at work, but she must have been in a pretty heated meeting so I didn’t bother to go inside. I left the flowers with her assistant and met up with mark for lunch.

The Unsuspected Lover Part 1

As I sit twirling my thumbs in my recliner, it’s another night this week I’m wondering why my wife is late getting home from the office. For the last two months she’s changed and her schedule has her working late a few days out of the week. Finally I hear the garage door open and she walks in looking exhausted,but still finds the energy and has the strength to show me some attention. “Hey honey,Sorry I’m late. I had to finish up some paperwork. Are you hungry?” Stepping back to look at her this time, I could tell from her flushed look and the glow on her face she’d done something different tonight. “No baby, I’m fine! Who stayed with you tonight?” walking down the hall,undressing on her way to the shower she yells,” oh it was Chris,babe!” My heart went in fifteen different directions. I wasn’t sure if I was jumping to conclusions,but one damn things for sure…I’m going to find out. Part 1

The Paper Sack Gang

Okay so I’ve recently tuned in to the “raging monkey” shows they call “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” & “Basketball Wives”! I personally don’t understand to purpose surrounding most of these chicks! 97% of them are unmarried, unemployed and psychologically ineligible for anyone to consider dating. You’ve got NeNe gliding around looking like Joe camel and should try to hook up with that old italian because that’s as good as it going to get for her and those teeth. Sheree who just did us a favor and got herself dismissed. Cynthia who is too busy holding peters balls to grow any if her own and who even cares about “WIGS” anymore. Marlo…JUST GO TO JAIL HONEY,YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS “check my record”!!! Phaedra & Kandi I love because they are just who they are and you can’t take that away from them. I just don’t get why they get so stupid with each other when not one of them (other than kandi) has the right to act like “THE RICH BITCH”! NeNe has grown in wisdom,but that attitude and arrogance is such a turn off. Sweetheart when you start DEPOSITING TRUMP CHECK…THEN YOU CAN EXTEND THAT NECK, but until then retract that please & thanks!!!

The second brand of Paper Sack Gang is the Basketball Wives. I am in the process catching up on these chicks and so far I want to jack slap Evelyn! People this is NOT reality tv, this is foolishness! Until next I type…


Hello Earthlings! Lol…I’m super excited to sharing my world with you through this blog. Those of you bold enough to tiptoe around the soft walls of my brain will experience every emotion on every level and possibly need extensive psychological treatment soon after…lol!!! I say what I want about whomever I want, I expose real life with real talk. Let’s go!!!