Life Sold Separately

It’s amazing how life can be so unpredictable and yet so foretelling. Although our experiences range from the worst of times to the best of times every lesson births new life within us. In my personal life, I have experienced death and witnessed life being brought back into the world. The funny thing about death is that it actually gives you the opportunity to correct your mistakes and the opportunity to seize every moment.

I’ve found myself doing some of the most strange things in appreciation of life. Here’s a few that I find myself extremely tickled by. A few weeks ago I was walking to the car and I saw some trash on the ground. Now my knees are extremely ratchet and I know they’re always offended when I with lout warning squat to do anything. This particular day I was thinking about my brothers and how much I missed them. I then thought ,” There are people who can’t use these parts of their body and I have life and I’m not completely broke down. Let me pick up this paper to better myself and mankind.”

I was excited to help,but on my way back up that right knee decided she wasn’t going to budge. So here I am trying to show life how much I appreciate her and she let’s me sink. Bish. Even though this experience was temporarily high jacked I found it to be pleasant in the attempt to better myself on life’s journey. I will say this, the next time I see paper on the ground I will just see paper on the ground.
Thanks for reading.
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He Works on Me

Laying in bed most of the night reading.
At this very moment I’m unable to pinpoint just why I can’t sleep. Reading seems to always put my mind at ease and sleep comes oh so easily from there. After hours of tossing sheets and thumbing through pages, I am stopped by the sound of the garage doors whining as they do so loudly.

Eager to see him ,I stretched myself across the bed and pretended to be asleep.  With my eyes closed and my heart beating faster at every moments passing, the door opens. The scent of his outdoor musk stung my nostrils,but the kiss to my shoulder and the hands down my back excused his sweaty palm that gently squeezed my ass.

I glanced to see his smile when he saw that his boxer briefs and beater were neatly placed on the shelf as if I gesturing that he was stinky. As he stood naked in the shower my eyes were glued to the scene in front of me.
Impatient, I walked to the shower door and decided to let him work on me.

From the tips of my toes, to my back against the wall…He works on me.

My hands on the glass and pulled tight around my waist…He works on me.

Arms around his neck on the sink and ooh the way he kissed her on to the bed…He works on me.

From the pull of my hair…and when he arched my back…He works on me.

From his grunt to my moan…
From pillow talk to a final yawn…
He worked on me.

Summer Relationships

I know how important it is for people to want to be and feel loved. They desire companionship. We all desire that. However,  I’ve determined that there is a particular season when relationships are more important and that season is NOT summer. There is no point in “desperately seeking companionship” in the summer season.

First thing,  if you’re a big girl it’s not your season shuga. We were built to cuddle and it’s too hot for extra flesh. Secondly,  in this category it doesn’t matter if you big because it applies to all over 30. You know heat brings out every woman’s inner thot. So if you have a man you have to watch out for these 17 and 18 year old muscle milk drinking, hard body, no brain having beach thots. They’re the ones you want to throw ice cubes at while they walk by.

Things change when it gets hot. Personally I’m not trying to be in a relationship when it’s hot. I honestly got so hot the other day it felt like Satan had grabbed me and neatly tucked my entire being directly behind his nut sack. That’s bad. You may not agree,but I’m telling you summer love is not good for your health. Lol 😂😂😂

He Knows My Soul

The sexiest thing about a man to me is having one that makes sense out of your nonsense. One who doesn’t run from differences,but accepts the challenge and is willing to grow with you.

One who is not so afraid of you out running him that he takes off and leaves without you, but rather sets his pace to match yours and if either slows down we get behind the other and encourages them to keep going.

We may not have the same individual vision, but because we are spiritually connected I don’t have to change my glasses to see where he’s going and neither does he. We flow! That’s a real love connection.

When You’ve Been Found

When you’ve been found
He obliges your frequent need for pillow talk and can always answer questions or recall the conversation, that means he’s listening.

Those spontaneous hugs and squeeze to the waist and a whisper,”hey beautiful” and the only thing you’ve done is brushed your teeth. He’s attracted to more than a dress up doll. He knows your soul.

The day he tells you,”if I ever stop chasing you, feel free to drop me because at that point you deserve better” and I reply ,”The same goes for me. If I stop running you can go because you deserve better” says he’s serious about doing what it takes to keep me and I the same.

When you can lay opposite ends of the bed he enjoying his sports and I enjoying my book with no interruptions, knowing when to engage and disengage respecting each other’s space in the same place

That’s a real love connection


Have you ever gotten to a place in life where your hunger for success is almost depressing? Most of the time you can find someone who shares your dreams and desires,but when you can’t and it’s solely up to you to conquer your destiny you find yourself exhausted and penniless. You will then settle for working a stressful job and still struggling to make ends meet.  Do you give up at that point and make due with what you have or do you push? My hunger is so great that it makes me sick to think about settling for a job. My philosophy has always been,”find something you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.” While I’m “working” I’m creating life on paper that will soon elevate me to place I have always dreamed of being, ON TOP. Don’t let your hunger dwindle. Continue to be thirsty and hungry for success. If anyone believes anything different than what you believe about yourself, remove those people from your life. Success is not given, it’s earned.

The Unsuspected Lover Part 1

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As I sit twirling my thumbs in my recliner, it’s another night this week I’m wondering why my wife is late getting home from the office. For the last two months she’s changed and her schedule has her working late a few days out of the week. Finally I hear the garage door open and she walks in looking exhausted,but still finds the energy and has the strength to show me some attention. “Hey honey,Sorry I’m late. I had to finish up some paperwork. Are you hungry?” Stepping back to look at her this time, I could tell from her flushed look and the glow on her face she’d done something different tonight. “No baby, I’m fine! Who stayed with you tonight?” walking down the hall,undressing on her way to the shower she yells,” oh it was Chris,babe!” My heart went in fifteen different directions. I wasn’t sure if I…

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Remember When…

I often wonder what would happen if God actually allowed time to rewind? Would I change anything? What would I change? Would really want to encounter some of the strange people and things I did back then? There are so many questions and more than one answer for each. Would I change the outcome of certain situations and in my heart I say yes, but my mind gives me something different.
Growing up in such a close nit family you tend to cling to one another some times without knowing you’re doing that. I was the middle child and only girl of three and that was the best and worst experience for me. My brothers always gave me a hard time when it came to playing sports with them. They taught me how to play basketball and what it meant to be tough. I remember us riding our bikes through the neighborhood as children and my youngest brother Michal and I always got upset with Awkii for giving our toys to the other kids. I smile at the thought of some of the things Awkii did because he always acted as if he were an only child. My grandmother would take us shopping and we would look up only to see one Awkii’s friends wearing our clothes at school. As teenagers we grow into different people, but still have the same sense of humor we did as children. The relationship we have with our siblings is like no other. You share jokes and terms that nobody else will ever understand unless they grew up with you. Those are the times I cherish. Back when we trusted our close friends and family. As brothers and sisters we made sure nobody outside of us picked on the other. The way back when friendship meant something. The times when it was safe to ride your bike up and down the street. Remember when kids respected the word curfew? No anymore! I think back often to the days when the only thing that shocked you about getting a whooping was WHAT you got whooped with this go around! Lol. I can recall getting in trouble for one of 1000 things and my grandmother picked up a pump up Reebox, threw it down the hall and knocked the wind out me. Lol. I was in a state of confusion for about 20 minutes! Those were the days before children started killing their parents because they tell them no. Kids nowadays do not respect adults. I grew up where “yes ma’am and no ma’am” was mandatory and if you “turned up” in the store you got your butt beat in the store. At the age of 33 I am writing with these memories because my grandmother and two brothers are now my angels. They gave me the best memories and lessons that I am sure will carry me a lifetime. I often dream of those better times and seemingly easier days, the days when love was an action and not a word. I wish I could go back to where it all began.

Unsuspected Lover 1.4

(Yawning and stretching) I awaken feeling so refreshed from last night only to look over and see a note on the pillow next to me. “Honey breakfast is on,I’ll talk to you later. By the way you dropped this on your way in.” My eyes ,still blurry from just waking up,I look over and see a note card that read,”I can’t wait to see you for dinner tonight!” I sat up in my bed and reached for my cell phone. While dialing Richards number, I paused and decided not to explain the card after all. His suspicion and paranoia was becoming amusing to me. He doesn’t think i’m aware of it,but im so on to his foolishness.
Instead of driving to the office today, I decided to treat myself to a massage and a little shopping. Who better to enjoy this day with me but my good friend Beth.  She and I spent quite a bit of time together when Richard and I moved in to Somerlyn Estates. Her husband Michael and my Richard are best friends. I called Beth and we made it a day. First we checked into The Plaza and from there it was all about us gals.