Jumping Ship

Being a woman who has traveled numerous places and had the opportunity to explore lots of things and people, those explorations gave me much insight on the human species. We know or at least we should know that everyday we will come in contact with different people with different personalities and attitudes. From some of those encounters we may cultivate friendships that grow into relationships.

If we are lucky enough we all will experience the ultimate love tattoo that makes us change almost everything about ourselves in the first 3 months to keep this love. No, it’s not lying. It’s called rearranging until company leaves. You know how some of you are. Your house is filthy, but most people will throw things around to give the impression of a clean house to make their visitors more comfortable. Then there are “the keepers” who could careless of what you think. They let you know up front how messy their lives really are.

Judging from the two you’d want the latter although requires more work. Either way once your decision is made you then put into place what you expect and you both grow from there. Maybe a few years down the line you’ve started to resent each other because you either find out some terrible truths that should have been disclosed in the beginning or you feel like you can no longer deal with your “messy mate.” Don’t get me wrong.  When it’s good, it’s good. When it’s bad, it’s real bad.

It’s easy to walk away from anything that you feel is not worth fighting for l,but if you scored that out of the park, swim across the ocean kind of love is it that easy to walk away from? Relationships are not hard. It’s the people in the relationship who are not willing to work that make it hard. Love is easy, but it does play hard to get sometimes. If you find it and it’s out of the park, keep it even if you have to jump one of the ships.

Published by ZippyWrites

I am a writer by profession. I love the obvious about life and I find that ignoring facts make living so much harder to do. I plan to bring real life to my blog no matter what...it's all actual events pulled from my life or those around me.

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